Welcome to NoVA    The Non-Violence Alliance

Committed to Supporting Healthy and Effective Relationships 

at Home, at School and at Work, 

by Reducing Interpersonal Conflict

Leading to Violence

 Renewing Our Commitment
Safety and Harmony in all Relationships
The Non-Violence Alliiance introduces a new program
Life Strategies Academy
for individuals, couples, students and employees.
 Life Strategies 
defines abusive behaviors
and explores the elements of  interpersonal hostility
 and the origins of abuse
leading to violence

We examine
the student's or employee's awareness
 of their personal values and self esteem.

We introduce
the perspective of all interpersonal interaction,
 both intentional and unintended 
  as a transaction of power,
 a natural flow of giving and receiving power.

We teach
new language for expressing needs, expectations  and feelings
 in a non-confrontational manner
 using personal power for more effective outcomes. 

We highlight
 improved listening skills and focus,
as the bedrock of improving self expression. 

Finally we introduce
 our clients to
concepts of coaching, mediation and facilitation
as tools for navigating their way through conflict.

Clients who complete the program have the opportunity
to become mentors to other students and employees

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The Non-Violence Alliance

Family Violence Education and Counseling Services ______________________________________________

Expanding our reach
LIVE seminar presentations
San Diego, Orlando, Tampa, New York

NoVA is the premier
 Family and Partner Violence
education and counseling
agency in Connecticut
specializing in
individual and group
counseling and
family violence education programs.

We have been serving the 
local communities since 1994.

We take great pride in our longstanding
commitment to building healthy families by offering alternatives to violence, control or abuse. 

Children Learn From What They Experience At Home

Abuse is often a learned behavior and derives a sense of entitlement.
With education and counseling parents can become better providers, more loving partners and better role models for their children.

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about future programs in your area. 
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Our professional staff is available for individual or group counseling services, Batter Intervention and Family Violence Education Programs, presentations for community and student organizations, consulting for violence and abuse in the workplace, corporate trainings and presentations. 

We are happy to design a program to suit your specific need.

Call (860) 347-8220
 for details.

For individual or group services
Domestic Abuse, Dating Violence, or Family Violence Education Programs

Contact: Scott Vinci, MS 

Life Strategies Network LLC

386 Main St.
Middletown, Ct 06457
Phone: 860-347-8220 or 860-870-7636
 Email: NoVA.ScottVinci@gmail.com
For professional Social Services
staff training or consultations 
Contact: David Mandel, MA, LPC

David Mandel & Associates LLC
PO Box 745
Canton CT 06019
Phone: 860-319-0966

The Non-Violence Alliance
386 Main Street
Middletown, Connecticut 0



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