Welcome to NoVA    The Non-Violence Alliance

Our Mission is to promote non-violent partner relationships, families and communities, and to reduce violence and abuse towards domestic partners and children. We accomplish this goal by educating men about the origins of their abusive behaviors and changing their beliefs and attitudes about their partners and their role in relationships and family.

We provide counseling and education  in collaborative and supportive groups with men who similarly engage in violent, controlling or abusive behavior. This creates an atmosphere of trust and safety in sharing personal information. Often clients are paroled or referred by the court or family services.

We aim to prevent domestic and family violence through advocacy, education and support group counseling.

Since 1992 nova has provided counseling and education to thousands of men accused of abuse or violence. We also provide safety planning and support for spouses, partners or family members. 

We are committed to making services available to a broad community of clients to prevent the harm caused by abuse, and promote healthy relationships in all demographics of our community.

Nova specializes in providing services for men. We do not discriminate based on race, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology,  religious beliefs, age, ethnicity, skin color or national origin. 

NoVA is widely-recognized as a
leader in Domestic Violence
batterer intervention counseling
and Family Violence education.

We are dedicated to serving our community by providing quality Family Violence education and counseling services. Our staff are dedicated professionals with many years of experience in delivering
social services to families in need, supporting healthier relationships
and nonviolence. 

 With your support or sponsorship
 we continue to strive to have a
 greater impact on our community.

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